Pioneer in Agriculture and Allied Infrastructural Activities    

The Kerala Land Development Corporation Ltd

The Corporation was incorporated in 1972 under the administrative control of the Agriculture Department, Government of Kerala with a view to promote, undertake and execute land development and allied schemes in for the integral development of Agriculture. It is also envisaged to undertake consultancy, project preparation, design & execution of projects / schemes of any type.

For the past 44 years of its existance, the Corporation had implemented/ has been implementing many schemes to allieviate the grievences of farmers especially in the low lying and water logged areas of the State. The Corporation has become the prime facilitator for the State’s food security by providing the basic infrastructure for integrated and multi crop cultivation to replace the traditional practice of single crop cultivation.

The Corporation has ongoing projects under RIDF aided by NABARD, RKVY, NRHM, Social Justice Department, works entrusted by Scheduled Caste Development Department, Department of Museums and Zoos, Tourism department, MP and MLA Local area development scheme,  etc.

The Corporation executes the work as per the Kerala PWD norms and ensures quality of workmanship and standards of civil works as per KPWD Manual and ensures the use of standard materials.

At present, the Corporation has projects costing around Rs. 555.75 crore including ongoing and newly sanctioned projects. Commitment to quality and timely implementation are the hallmarks of KLDC.  KLDC is now poised to take on the challenges of playing a constructive role in India’s progress to a modern nation.




Managing Director P.S Rajeev handing over cheques of employee's contribution and Managing Directors' one month salary to Chief Minister's Distress Fund on 30/08/2018
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