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Food Security Programme 2009-10 of Department of Agriculture, Governmet of Kerala
Scheme Food Security Programme (2009-10)
Name of Projects

1.Food Security Programme 2009-10 in Kattampally Area of Kannur District- Construction of a Regulator and a box culvert at Thayyilavalappil across Mayyil thodu in Mayyil Panachayat. (outlay : 29.66 lakh)

2.Food Security Programme 2009-10 Widening, formation and side protection works between Nellikkapalam Balyani and Muttukandi and Construction of a regulator at Muttukandi across Perumachira thodu in Mayyil Panchayat.
(outlay : 16.63lakh)

3.Widening and formation of bund between Moolathumthazha and Chemmadam Palathukai in Kuttiyattoor Panchayat and Construction of two numbers of sluices.(outlay 7.08 lakh)

4. Thrissur Malappuram Kole Development Agency - Improvements to the right bund of Enamakkal Canal Including Engine thara, flood inlet and raps
(outlay 110.18 lakh)

5. Thrissur Malappuram Kole Development Agency- Thrissur Kole Area Protection Works to Canal slopes of MM Canal 4th reach from Ch 3500m to 3800m - Balance Works (outlay 70.70 lakh)

Outlay Rs.227.17 lakh
Major Components Construction of regulator
Construction of box culvert
Widening and formation of bund
Side protection work
Construction of sluices

Status Completed


Public Works Department - Vision 2010 in Irinjalakkuda Constituency
Scheme Vision 2010- PWD Works-
in Irinjalakkuda Constituency
Name of Projects

Vision 2010- PWD- Irinjalakkuda
Construction of a canal bridge across MM Canal 4th Reach at Thanisserry Kavupura Road

Outlay Rs106.14 lakh
Major Components
Construction of canal bridge
Status Completed








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